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Free Happy New Year card 2013

A greeting card is a small but very valuable element of any celebration. It has the power to create a warm and festive atmosphere. Happy New Year greeting cards bring their owners back to the childhood memories with its anticipation for fairy-tales and miracles.

The history of Happy New Year cards

New Years Eve greeting cards originated from medieval engravings that depicted Christian motives. These engravings were sold by pilgrims and priests at fairly high prices. They used to be merely a home decoration. Later engravings started depicting various pictures; at these times they were used as invitation cards to different celebrations.

However, it is a common belief that the tradition of giving Christmas and New Year cards originated in England. The first New Year card was painted in 1794 by an English artist Dobson. He painted a snowy forest and a happy family gathered around the Christmas tree. This is how the tradition of giving cards with New Year card messages started. In 1843 people started so send cards via mail after an Englishman Henry Cole did it first. The fist series of printed cards featured a painting by John Hersley.

The history of Happy New Year cardsMerry Christmas cards came to our country from England. They were brought here ready, and calligraphists wrote Happy New Year card sayings. That is why these cards were quite pricey. A standard postcard size was set by the Universal Postal Union in 1874. Almost every country committed to the order, and in Ukraine postcards became real art masterpieces. They decorated homes, were put in frames, collected and put into albums. It is safe to say that cards created before the Revolution were in no way worse that present day ones. They used to be decorated with dried flowers, beads, and spangles of boric acid that were made look like real snow. Moreover, these cards were even soaked in fragrances. The themes on these cards were usually based on depicting rituals, ancient divination, winter landscapes, Christmas characters and angels. Often there were paintings by famous Russian artists printed on the cards.

Unfortunately, the events of 1917 destroyed this tradition. People were ordered to stop sending cards and decorating Christmas trees. Next time this tradition revived was during the World War II, when cards started to be sent to soldiers who needed to feel love and support of their families. Soldiers used to send back cards of foreign origin that looked much more appealing than the ones manufactured in Soviet Union. A decade later pretty New Year cards depicting more varied themes appeared in USSR as well. Besides the traditional subjects, there were also chimes, the biggest achievement of the aerospace industry – rockets, and the Red Square.

Great New Year E-cards

Great New Year E-cardsNowadays the modern state of technology influences the way we greet each other. You no longer have to buy a pretty card in a shop and send it by post. New Years 2013 cards, which are sent via online means and are otherwise known as New Years e cards, look just as good. You can choose any animated New Year greeting cards or other kinds of greeting cards for New Year 2013 without even having to leave the house. New Years cards 2013 with warm happy New Year card sayings will be greatly appreciated by everyone. Happy New Year email cards with lovely images can help express your feelings towards your loved ones. Free online New Year cards are a fast and easy way to greet your friends with winter holidays. And since there are lots of free New Year cards, you don’t even have to spend any money on greetings.

If you’re looking for happy New Year cards 2013, you’ve come to the right place. These 2013 New Year cards instantly put you in a festive mood, which is exactly what everyone needs for holidays.

New Year 2013 countdown

New Year 2013 countdownOnce it’s getting cold outside, we are reminded about the holiday we were most excited about as kids – New Year. And since is starts snowing, we are almost counting days to the holiday. There are so many preparations we need to complete before New Year: buy presents for our loved ones, send postcards with greetings, plan the New Year menu and outfit for the party.

This is where a virtual New Year card comes to help! A countdown to New Year helps you plan everything beforehand and include every little detail in your to-do list. At any time you can find out how long it is before New Year. Moreover, you will always know exactly how many hours are left before New Year, including minutes and even seconds!

We all know how preparations for the holiday are sometimes even more exciting than the holiday itself. We enjoy creating nice gifts for our friends and helping kids get the best New Year experience. Children anticipate the holiday so much, that they not only write letters to Father Christmas hoping for a desired present, but also ask their parents: “How close is it to New Year?”. And that’s where a virtual greeting card will help you again by answering “… days until New Year”. All your friends would love to get a card like this via email.

When there are only a couple of days until New Year, everyone’s desire is to dive deep into the holiday spirit and leave all troubles behind. You won’t believe how easy it is to do! Surround yourself with New Year symbols: try a fancy Christmas tree, tangerine scent, some burning candles and a fabulous outfit, and wait for the holiday spirit to come.

How New Year is celebrated across the globe

How New Year is celebrated across the globeWhat is surprising about New Year is that not every country in the world has a habit of celebrating it as much as other nations. New Year is the most significant holiday in CIS countries. Other European nations put all their effort to celebrating Christmas, while for New Year they usually visit their relatives from other parts of the country.

Before 1991 Ukraine celebrated New Year the same way as other Soviet countries did. The celebration included solemn sounds of chime clock, clinking glasses with champagne, Russian salad, a New Year tree, exchange of gifts and a traditional greeting from the head of the USSR. So, what has changed since Ukraine became an independent country? Well, the only thing that is different is that now Ukrainians watch a greeting from the President of Ukraine.

Celebration of New Year in Ukraine is preceded by a total clear-out. Then come the installation and decoration of a New Year tree and preparing the New Year table. There is no staple New Year menu, and every hostess tries to delight her guests by preparing her most favorite signature dishes. The only requirement for the food is to be delicious and sufficient for the whole big family.

Celebration of New Year in Russia does not really differ from Ukrainian traditions. All former USSR countries have a common tradition of placing a big New Year tree in the main street of the city, where groups of people come to celebrate the holiday and shoot fireworks into the sky.
There are no strict New Year traditions in Ukraine and Russia. New Year is a holiday that celebrates hope for the better future and is usually accompanied by a smell of pine, colorful fireworks, champagne and fun parties until dawn.

To find out how New Year is celebrated in the USA, it’s better to visit the celebration night in New York. People gather on Times Square and chant loudly, while the famous Ball, which is lit with thousands of flashing neon lights, is being dropped. It is notable that this celebration is usually attended by foreign tourists, as native New Yorkers prefer to stay home for a quite night in.

How to decorate the house for New Year

How to decorate the house for New YearThe symbol of 2013 is a mysterious Black Water Snake that stands for wisdom, a deep and thorough understanding of life, and the fulfillment of all desires. To show the Snake you’re ready for her arrival, pay extra attention to decoration of the house for New Year. This is an entertaining process for everyone in your family.

New Year decoration requires extra attention from you to prepare everything on time. Snake is linked to water theme, so it’s a good time to use all seahorses, stars and shells that you brought from summer holidays. You can either create a wall panel and them on or hang them around the house randomly. If you’re savvy in handmade, decorating the house for New Year is not a problem for you. Create lovely snakes from colored socks; add some beads or sequins to it and amaze your guests even more.

If you lack ideas for decorating your apartment for New Year, you can buy holiday decoration in your local shop. Snake likes warm dim lights, so prepare a couple of candles that resemble a body of a snake in their shape. Spruce twigs that are woven into a fancy wreath, colorful satin ribbons that are tied into intricate bows, as well as magnets with snake motifs will add to your holiday mood.

If you have children, decorating the house will be a lot of fun. Even babies can cut snowflakes out of paper or paint a Christmas ball.
The Black Water Snake of 2013 will appreciate your effort and will fulfill your wishes to honor the hosts.

Online Christmas card

Online Christmas cardChristmas is a solemn and beautiful holiday that has been celebrated for 2000 years already. It is beloved by children and adults, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a believer or not – Christmas spirit is loved by everyone. In some countries Christmas is celebrated even wider than New Year. Orthodox Christians view Christmas as a family holiday. Catholics, on the other hand, have large Christmas celebrations. Nevertheless, one question we all have regardless of our beliefs: what is the best way to greet our loved ones that live far from us? An electronic Christmas card is a special way of expressing your love and caring. This kind of Christmas greeting is as valuable as a present itself. An online Christmas card will delight both adults and children, and, more importantly, it will preserve the fondest holiday memories.

The internet is full of greeting cards, but to make your greeting as memorable as possible, your 2013 Christmas card should be unique. Prepare an online greeting beforehand, so that even if you’re extremely busy making sure everything is ready for Christmas, your loved ones still feel your love and affection through a card.

A greeting card that is aimed at surprising the receiver cannot be trivial. Christmas is a holiday that comes along with lots of traditional symbols that everyone is familiar with, but those who create greeting cards with passion, can paint a whole new card with traditional images and make it look like it’s the most special card ever.