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Nature of Ukraine is wonderful and unique. Articles about natural reserves and natural recourses of Ukraine

  1. Stone Mushrooms of Sotera River Valley

    Stone Mushrooms of Sotera River Valley

    The valley of Sotera river seems not very remarkable at the first sight. However, it is in fact extraordinary and quite attractive for tourists. Remnants of ancient mammoths have been found there, and the river is populated with crabs. Geologists come

    2013-04-18  Comments 
    Tags:  Green Tourism  Crimea  Nature 
  2. Cape Meganom

    Cape Meganom

    Cape Meganom is considered to be one of the greatest Crimean mysteries. Ancient Greeks believed Meganom was an entrance to Hades, the realm of the dead. Giant House, which is what Meganom is translated as from Greek, is at the same time a cape and a

    2013-04-10  Comments 
  3. Cape Tarhankut

    Cape Tarhankut

    Tarhankut is a virgin cape in the west of the Crimean peninsula. The local landscapes are marvelous with the eternal, clear sea, mysterious caves, a tunnel, caves, arches, an antique anchor laying on the bottom, rich underwater world, boulders, and high

    2013-03-26  Comments 
  4. Healing lake in Saky

    Healing lake in Saky

    Saky saline lake is a giant natural lab for preparing healing mud. It has the area of 8 square kilometers. Usually lakes of this size are known to the locals, but Saky lake is famous far beyond Ukrainian borders for its healing power that has been

    2013-03-17  Comments 
    Tags:  Green Tourism  Nature 
  5. Tsetsino Mountain in Chernovtsy

    Tsetsino Mountain in Chernovtsy

    Tsetsino  mountain, which is located in the west end of Chernovtsy, Ukraine, is the highest peak of Chernovtsy Uplands. It is 378 meters tall. During the medieval times Tsetsino Mountain used to host Moldavian fortress. Historians presume that a

    2013-02-24  Comments 
    Tags:  Green Tourism  Nature 
  6. Chalk cliffs in Belokuzminovka village

    Chalk cliffs in Belokuzminovka village

    Donetsk region, which is viewed by most of us as a one big dusty mine with huge hills of waste heaps, can actually be a pleasant surprise for travelers. Besides those artificial waste heaps mountains, you can also see real mountains, although they may

    2013-02-15  Comments 
    Tags:  Sightseeing  Nature 
  7. Victory park in Kiev

    Victory park in Kiev

    Victory park in Kiev, which was founded in 1965 in Kiev, is located in Dneprovsky district. It is dedicated to the victory of USSR in World War II. The park was constructed by architects M. Grechina, A. Zavarov, V. Ezhov, S. Weinstein, J. Mezentsev and I.

    2013-02-11  Comments 
  8. Hydro park in Kiev

    Hydro park in Kiev

    The Kiev hydro park is located on the Dolobetsky and Venetian islands between the Rusanovsky strait and Dnieper. Earlier there was Predmostnaya suburb, which was demolished in 1943. The hydro park was founded in 1965-1968. It is a water amusement park

    2013-01-02  Comments 
  9. Goloseevsky park in Kiev

    Goloseevsky park in Kiev

    The first artificially created park in Ukraine was founded by the Kiev-Pechersk archimandrite Peter Mogyla in 1631. Later the park enhanced and finally merged into the forest with, having lost its identity. Nowadays the Goloseevsky park named after M.

    2013-01-01  Comments 
  10. The Kiev zoo

    The Kiev zoo

    The zoological park, which is located in Schevchenkovsky district of Kiev, is a scientific and research, environmental, cultural and educational institution, which belongs to artificially created objects of nature reserve fund. It occupies 34,2 hectares,

    2012-12-30  Comments 
    Tags:  Sightseeing  Nature 
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