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Discover Ukraine: unique places and sights of Ukraine. Articles about things and places you can see only in Ukraine

  1. The Bald Hill in Kiev

    The Bald Hill in Kiev

    There are dozens of “bald hills” in the world, but the most famous among them is the Bald Hill that is located in Kiev. Long time ago the hill was used as a site for pagan ceremonies. The ancient wise men made the first underground routes

    2012-11-17  Comments 
  2. Industrial Tourism in Ukraine

    Industrial Tourism in Ukraine

    Our world is full of discoveries and adventures. However, everyone chooses its own way of rest. Some people like to relax on the beach under the scorching rays of the sun, another prefer sitting in a cafe sipping cocktail, while others can’t

    2012-10-23  Comments 
  3. International Children's Day in Ukraine

    International Children's Day in Ukraine

    International Children's Day is one of the oldest international holidays. The decision to celebrate it was taken in 1925 at the World Conference on Child Welfare, in Geneva. History keeps in silence, why the children's holiday was decided to be

    2012-06-01  Comments 
  4. Cufut Qale Cave City

    Cufut Qale Cave City

    Cufut Qale (Chufut Kale) – is one of the cave cities of Crimea, situated near Bakhchisaray. You can get there by going through the Holy Dormition Monastery. In the Crimean Tatar language the name of the cave means a Jewish fortress. The Karaites

    2012-04-18  Comments 
  5. Chorna Mogyla (Black Grave) in Chernigiv

    Chorna Mogyla (Black Grave) in Chernigiv

    The Chorna Mogyla was the first burial mound of the pre-Christian Rus state that was excavated in Chernigiv in 1872. Those types of burials were very common on the territory of pagan Rus and were analogous to the Egyptian pyramids. Some of the Old

    2012-04-02  Comments 
  6. Shevchenko Park in Rivne

    Shevchenko Park in Rivne

    Walking and enjoying the historical monuments in Rivne, do not forget to visit a park named in honor of Taras Shevchenko. Locals and visitors thank the former owners of the city - Polish magnates Lubomirski for its appearance in the center of the city.

  7. Fortress Calamita

    Fortress Calamita

    The Principality of Theodoro (a small principality in the south-west of Crimea from the 13th through 15th centuries). Fortress Calamita was one of the major defense facilities. It was situated on the east bank of the Chornaya River on the plateau of the

    2012-02-15  Comments 
  8. Karaite Kenesa in Evpatoria

    Karaite Kenesa in Evpatoria

    Among the peoples who inhabit the Crimea today, are the Karaites. There are no greater than 2000 Karaites in the world. The history of this people is intricate and full of persecutions, prosperity and almost complete decline. Fortunately, the

    2012-02-09  Comments 
  9. Mergeleva Ridge

    Mergeleva Ridge

    Mergeleva Ridge is the ancient mystical and religious place associated with the pagan beliefs of ancient Slavic people. This is one of the most unique places located in the Luhansk region, near the village Stepanovka (on the hill in the field). This

    2012-02-08  Comments 
  10. Narrow Gauge Railway in the Carpathians

    Narrow Gauge Railway in the Carpathians

    Ukrainian village Kolochiva in Transcarpathia is known for the only one in Ukraine and CIS countries operating narrow gauge railroad. The route of the narrow gauge railway is located in the museum complex "Old Village". The narrow-gauge railroad of the

    2011-11-28  Comments 
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