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Churches in Ukraine. Information about Ukrainian churches and monasteries. The most beautiful monasteries and churches of Ukraine.

  1. Gorodnitsky monastery

    Gorodnitsky monastery

    The church of St. George the Victorious rises monumentally on the bank of Sluch river surrounded by forests of Polesye in Gorodnitsa village (Zhitomir region). In the same place, in a tall picturesque hill, you fill find Stauropegic monastery that was

    2013-04-26  Comments 
  2. Franciscan church in Chudnov

    Franciscan church in Chudnov

    The city of Chudnov was first mentioned in Ipatiev Chronicle in 1257. Ancient sources claim that the name of the city comes from the word Chudo (Miracle). The miracle was that the city survived a major Tatar attack. The city is full of exciting sights

    2013-04-25  Comments 
  3. Preobrazhensky Cathedral in Ovruch

    Preobrazhensky Cathedral in Ovruch

    Ovruch is one of the oldest cities located in the Northern Ukraine.it was founded in early IX century on the bank of Noryn river. First written evidence about Ovruch dates back to the IX century, when it was mentioned in the Tale of Bygone Years as Grad

    2013-04-24  Comments 
  4. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Yalta

    Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Yalta

    Yalta citizens decided to construct a new cathedral to commemorate the death of Emperor Alexander II, who died when a bomb exploded at his feet. Alexander III approved of this decision. The construction committee that was founded in 1890 was presided by

    2013-04-08  Comments 
    Tags:  Churches  Crimea  Sightseeing 
  5. Surb Khach monastery

    Surb Khach monastery

    The old monastery of Surb Khach is a medieval Armenian church. Earlier it used to serve as the main religious building not only for Armenians who lived in the Crimea, but also for people from all over the Northern Black Sea region. Surb Khach was

    2013-04-04  Comments 
    Tags:  Churches  Crimea  Architecture 
  6. Pokrovsky Cathedral in Izmail

    Pokrovsky Cathedral in Izmail

    In the XVIII century the Northern Black Sea Coast entirely belonged to the Turks, who constructed impenetrable fortresses in the cities. Izmail was one of these fortresses and was located on the bank of Danube. When in 1790 an army led by A. Suvorov

    2013-03-29  Comments 
    Tags:  Churches  Sightseeing 
  7. St. Nicholas Church in Ochakov

    St. Nicholas Church in Ochakov

    Ever since it was built and up to the early XX century Nicholas church in Ochakov had been the main army cult construction. It was known as St. Nicholas Naval church. This status was given to it by warlords who led the attack on Ochakov fortress against

    2013-03-29  Comments 
    Tags:  Churches  Sightseeing 
  8. Shuldan cave monastery

    Shuldan cave monastery

    The monastery with the name that means “resonating” is situated in the cliffs of Shuldan rock overhanging the valley. The monastery complex consists of 20 premises: two of them are cave churches, and the others are additional facilities

    2013-03-25  Comments 
    Tags:  Churches  Sightseeing 
  9. St. Joseph's Church in Nikolaev

    St. Joseph's Church in Nikolaev

    The first officially registered religious community in Nikolaev appeared already 3 years after the city was founded. It was the Greek Catholic community that in 1794 was given fairly modest premises, which used to be a warehouse. Parish constructed a

    2013-03-21  Comments 
  10. Juma-Jami mosque in Evpatoriya

    Juma-Jami mosque in Evpatoriya

    Juma-Jami (Khan Jami) mosque in Evpatoriya is a place surrounded by legends. One of them tells that it was constructed during one night by Seid-Bakli Efendi. The other tells about Men-Arslan, the joker and artist who worked with Mengli-Girey, and the

    2013-03-19  Comments 
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