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Traveling through Ukraine you will find a lot of great castles, fortresses and palaces. Ukrainian castles and fortresses were built in different centuries. Some of them are restored and others need state investment for restoration and preservation.

  1. Yeni-Kale fortress

    Yeni-Kale fortress

    The Turkish fortress of Yeni-Kale is one of the most famous architecture fortification monuments in Kerch. The fortress was constructed in early XVIII century. The name of the fort translates from Turkish as the New Fortress. It was built to protect

    2013-04-11  Comments 
    Tags:  Castles  Crimea  Sightseeing 
  2. Mangup Citadel

    Mangup Citadel

    Mangup is not only a mountain, but also a remaining site of a medieval city and a source for archaeological discoveries. It seems like nature itself created this place for people to live in. There is a mountain with a big flat plateau on top, ravines and

    2013-04-02  Comments 
    Tags:  Castles  Crimea  Sightseeing 
  3. Starokonstantinovsky fortress

    Starokonstantinovsky fortress

    Starokonstantinovsky castle (Ostrozhsky castle) is a defensive fortification unit that was built in the XVI century in Starokonstantinov in Khmelnitsky region by Konstantin Ostrozhsky. Prince Ostrozhsky founded Konstantinov in 1561. 10 years later the

    2013-04-01  Comments 
    Tags:  Castles  Sightseeing 
  4. Czartoryski castle in Klevan

    Czartoryski castle in Klevan

    Klevan is a village that is located on the border between Rivne and Volyn region on the bank of Stubl river. Historical documents prove that Klevan in the middle of the XV century used to belong to Prince Czartoryski. However, historians suggest that

    2013-03-31  Comments 
  5. Aluston fortress in Alushta

    Aluston fortress in Alushta

    Aluston fortress can be rightfully considered the main attraction of Alushta. This defensive construction was built there back in the VI century. It was constructed by architects from Byzantium following an order by Justinian I. The city was thoroughly

    2013-03-30  Comments 
    Tags:  Castles  Sightseeing 
  6. Romantic Alexandria Palace in Gaspra

    Romantic Alexandria Palace in Gaspra

    2 kilometers from Yalta, in Gaspra village, there is a palace called Romantic Alexandria. This Gothic style building was constructed in 1836 and was designed by F. Elson. The palace looks like a gloomy yet impressive building with two towers on the

    2013-03-25  Comments 
  7. Mellas Palace in the Crimea

    Mellas Palace in the Crimea

    One of the attractions of the Southern Coast of the Crimea is Mellas Palace in Sanatorny village. This beautiful palace was built for Earl L. Perovksy, a Russian historical figure who took part in the War of 1812. The building of Mellas Palace was

    2013-03-24  Comments 
  8. Syurenskaya fortress

    Syurenskaya fortress

    On the bank of Belbek, in Maloe Sadovoe village there is a narrow cape with steep slopes. It is the Tower cape, or Kulle-Burun, and above it stands the Syurenskaya fortress. Earlier the fortress was used as a feudal castle for the owner of the

    2013-03-20  Comments 
    Tags:  Castles  Architecture 
  9. St. Miklos Castle in Chinadievo

    St. Miklos Castle in Chinadievo

    Ancient ruins of a medieval castle in Chinadievo, Zakarpattya region, are soon going to become a Palace of love. This idea is being brought to life by an artist Joseph Bartos, who decided to restore a destroyed and virtually unknown castle St. Miklos. An

    2013-02-28  Comments 
  10. Zvyagelsky castle in Novograd-Volynsky

    Zvyagelsky castle in Novograd-Volynsky

    Novograd-Volynsky is one of the cities of regional importance in Zhitomir region. It is located on the rocky banks of Sluch river. The city used to be called Zvyagel. The Ipatiev Chronicle states that in 1257 Zvyagel was part of the Galicia-Volyn

    2013-02-23  Comments 
    Tags:  Castles  Sightseeing 
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