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Architecture of Ukraine: buildings, streets, bridges and squares. Articles about styles of architecture in Ukraine. Uniqe architect projects in Ukraine.

  1. Watermill in Pavoloch village

    Watermill in Pavoloch village

    Pavoloch is a historically significant village that is located on the banks of Rostavitsa river 10 kilometers from the city of Popelnya in Zhitomir region. There used to be settlements already during the times of Ancient Russia, and you can still see the

    2013-04-27  Comments 
  2. Male gymnasium in Zhitomir

    Male gymnasium in Zhitomir

    The construction of a male gymnasium in Zhitomir was started in 1861. Already in a year the building in Bolshaya Berdichevskaya street was completed. During a long period of time the male gymnasium in Zhitomir was the largest educational facility in

    2013-04-22  Comments 
  3. Yusupov Palace in Koreiz

    Yusupov Palace in Koreiz

    Yusupov Palace, which is located in Koreiz, is certainly the most mysterious palace and park complex in the Crimea. Its whole history of existence is surrounded by mysteries that are still not resolved. We know that Stalin and his close partners stayed

    2013-04-08  Comments 
  4. Kichkine Palace in Gaspra

    Kichkine Palace in Gaspra

    Kichkine Palace lies in amazing green surroundings, in a picturesque location near the old Mishor, breathing the juniper scent. During the 100 years of its existence this “Tiny Palace”, which translates as Kichkine to Turkish, had to witness

    2013-04-06  Comments 
  5. Ai-Petri cableway

    Ai-Petri cableway

    You can observe beautiful scenery of the Southern Coast of the Crimea from a 1 kilometer height by traveling on the famous cableway. During 15 minutes of your trip you travel to 1152 meters. The cableway stretches from Mishor village to Ai-Petri mountain

    2013-04-03  Comments 
    Tags:  Green Tourism  Crimea  Nature 
  6. Ai-Todor Palace in Gaspra

    Ai-Todor Palace in Gaspra

    Not far from Cape Ai-Todor in Gaspra village there is an estate called Ai-Todor that used to belong to Prince Mikhail Romanov, the brother of Alexander II. The Prince purchased the estate in 1869 for his wife. The estate occupied 70 acres of area and

    2013-03-28  Comments 
  7. Music and drama theatre in Chernovtsy

    Music and drama theatre in Chernovtsy

    The music and drama theatre in Chernovtsy was founded in 1905 and was constructed in Elisabeth square, which is also known locally as Fish platz because of the times when it was used as a fish market. The construction took exceptionally little time –

    2013-03-16  Comments 
  8. Caisson of Stalin’s underground in Kiev

    Caisson of Stalin’s underground in Kiev

    In the centre of Natalka park, which is situated in Obolon avenue, you can see a giant reinforced concrete construction that is known as the Concrete Ship. This is not surprising, as the construction resembles a submarine with a deckhouse in its shape.

    2013-03-13  Comments 
    Tags:  Monuments  Sightseeing 
  9. Kiev circus

    Kiev circus

    Kiev circus is Ukraine’s oldest permanent circus. The modern circus building was opened in 1960 and can seat up to 2100 viewers. The centre of Ukrainian circues art is acknowledged all over the world. Kiev state circus arena has been the stage for

    2013-03-13  Comments 
  10. Andrushevka astronomic observatory

    Andrushevka astronomic observatory

    Andrushevka astronomic observatory construction began in 1998. Local enthusiasts arranged the usage of a Zeiss 8-meter dome with the Academy of sciences of Ukraine. Before that the 6-ton carcass was disassembled and was stored in the area of the Main

    2013-03-11  Comments 
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