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The river Southern Bug

River Southern Bug. UkraineSouthern Bug is a river in south-west of Ukraine, which flows on the territory of five Ukrainian regions - Khmelnitsky, Vinnitsa, Kirovograd, Odessa and Nikolaev. This is the third largest river in Ukraine, the length of which is 806 km, the basin area is 63.7 thousand sq. km.

The ancient Greeks called the river Hipanis, Ipanis, in the chronicles - Bog, Boug. The modern name of the river originates from Balto-Slavic “Bog” – “stream” or from Old-German “Bach” – “brook”.

Southern Bug starts from Podillya, to the east of Volochisk and 90 km to the west from Khmelnitsky. The river flows out from the swamps at the Podillya Upland and flows to the east through Vinnitsa, where it changes its direction to south-east; together with the Dnieper it forms the Dnieper-Bug estuary and flows into the Black Sea near the city of Ochakov.

The upper Southern Bug flows through swampy terrain in low banks, there are many dams and mill dams. Following the stream banks are rising, and beyond the village Medzhibok there appear slopes to the water, shoals and rapids, which are particularly numerous in the places where the Southern Bug cuts crystalline rocks of the middle Pobuzhye (Bug Banks region).

Rafting on the river Southern BugThe major Southern Bug rapids are concentrated at the site from Vinnitsa to Bugskoe, on the stretch from Pervomaisk to the village Aleksandrovka there are Migiyskie, Bogdanovsky and other rapids; near Alexandrovka the river enters the Black Sea Lowland, its stream slows down, rolls are rare, low shore are fringed with reeds. The river flows through the forest-steppe and steppe zones.

The inflow is mixed, the most of the water is yielded by precipitations; the river freezes in November and the ice is broken up in March. The Southern Bug basin is represented by nearly 300 rivers, of which the main tributaries are Ploskaya, Rov, Sob, Ikva, Sluch, Desna, Synyukha, Ingul. On the Southern Bug there are approximately 10 modern small hydropower stations and reservoirs, as well as dozens of old, usually destroyed mill weirs.

The valley of the Southern Bug is densely populated; among the numerous settlements - cities Khmelnitsky, Khmelnik, Vinnitsa, Ladyzhin, Savran, Haivoron, Pervomaisk, Yuzhnoukrainsk, Voznesensk, Nova Odessa, Nikolaev. The regular shipping on the Southern Bug is from Voznesensk to Nikolaev.

The aquatic vegetation is well developed only in the quiet areas; soils are variable, sandy and stony dominate. In coastal thickets there are many wild ducks, storks.

In the upper reaches of the Southern Bug, up to Vinnitsa, dwell carp, crucian carp, bream, tench, roach, redeye, chub, lookup, gudgeon, owsianka, bitterling, pike, perch, ruff, spined loach, bullhead, loach. In the middle reaches of the river, from Vinnitsa to Alexandrovka, dwell also barbel, asp, zander, nase, sheatfish and burbot.

Valley of Southern BugIn the lower reaches of the Southern Bug, from Alexandrovka, there are carp, barbel and burbot are practically absent. Some go-through fishes come here from the Dnieper-Bug estuary and the Black Sea: sturgeon, beluga, stellate sturgeon, sardelle, sea roach, zanthe, sabrefish, eel and others, which can not rise above Alexandrovka due to the dam.

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