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Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet in Nikolaev

Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet in NikolaevThis is only Museum of shipbuilding and fleet on the territory of Ukraine. The full exposition of the museum is located in 12 halls and has about three thousand different exhibits. One can see here the models of container ships and ore carriers, transport refrigerators, fishing trawlers, oil and ore carriers. The different models of research ships and ships of whaling flotilla are of the greatest interest. The centerpiece of the exhibition belongs to the showcase with the materials and the model of a research ship, designed for communication with the space - called “Academician Sergei Korolev”. The beautiful pearl of this museum is the diorama "Building the ships on the Nikolaev Admiralty in the first quarter of the XIX century." (The author is V. Semernev). In addition there are the real relics of the past in the hall of the Crimean War: the naval flag of St. Andrew, ship cannons, awards and documents of seamen and veterans of war.

During the years of existence the museum has had than 2 million visitors and could become the real hallmark of this beautiful ship region.

Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet. NikolaevWorking hours: 09:00 – 17:00.
The cash desk of the museum is open until 16.15.
Day off: Monday
Ticket prices: Children (free - up to six years) - 6 UAH,  adult –15UAH.

Museum address: city of Nikolaev, Admiral Street, 4.


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2011-04-26  Comments 


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