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20 Inspiring Bird's Eye Views of Kiev

I’d like to tell you about the Mother Motherland, but rather about how I saw Kiev bird's eye view.

There is a memorial complex in Kiev “National Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945”, it consists of various exposures, the bowl "Fire of Glory”, museum etc. Complete map can be viewed here. But the most remarkable thing is certainly the monument “Mother Motherland”. The total height of the monument is 102 meters + bonus: it’s located on a hill.

Recently there was opened the observation deck on the shield of sculpture - the height of 92m above the ground. That's where we are going to go up.

1. Here you will find yourself. Mother Motherland in full growth!Mother Motherland. Bird's Eye View

Each story has its own prehistory, so as here. To climb to the Mother Motherland was part of our "mission" in Kiev, but we kept delaying it off or just forgot. So, that is the last day of our stay in Ukraine – we met together and drove off.

All personal things before the rise can be put into the storage chamber. You are put on "security belt" and led into an elevator. You go in the narrow elevator with fitters. After the elevator you are snapped with hooks to the red rope and that is all, in front there are stairs and manhole outside.

2. Everyone is to crawl through such a small hole…Way to the top
3. On the topOn the top of Mother Motherland

The height of sculpture (not to be confused with the overall height) is 62m. Its weight is 500 tons. For the first time in the USSR the sculpture of such dimensions was produced at the Kiev Factory of Paris Commune taking into account the recommendations of the Institute of Welding by Paton according to welding of stainless steel elements in separate blocks-sections, weighing 25-30 tons. During the installation there was laid over thirty kilometers of welding seams. At the highest point of the sword there is a special device for damping wind loading.

According to the experts, the sculpture should stand for 150 years. What will be at the end of these years, we hardly see. It is to be capable of withstanding an earthquake of 9 points.

The sculpture, just like the Memorial is a complex and unique mechanism. It was repeatedly pointed out in a variety of ratings.

4. Difficult to shoot? :) So you paid 200 UAH ($ 25) not for the convenience.Cage on the shield

5. Kiev bird's-eye view. In fact, this is not the top. Fitter has left to open the next manhole leading directly to the shield.Bird's Eye View

6. Turn your head left, and there:Mother Motherland Sword

7. Let us not waste time, because we have not much of it (if memory serves me correctly, then I could stay only 10 minutes on the shield).
On the shield

It was originally planned that the Mother Motherland would be covered with gold leaf. Precisely, it was initially assumed that on the pedestal there will be 80 meters bronze gilt statue of a woman. At the foot of the statue there was to be a 30-meter height waterfall flowing into the Dnieper River, on both sides of which the soldiers forced a crossing a river. After the death of Vuchetich the work was led by the Ukrainian sculptor Vasiliy Boroday. The composition has had significant changes then.

8. On the shield there is the Emblem of the Soviet Union.Mother-Motherland

To transport people and maintenance of sculpture there are assembled two elevators inside - inclined and vertical (moving on rollers at an angle of 75 degrees), there are equipped platforms for inspection. One of the elevators lifts up to the "head" of the Mother Motherland with nine stops, where are manholes and technical grounds. One can get into a "hand" with a shield and into the other one - with a sword. There are also the fitting platforms.

9. 16-meter long sword!Sword of Mother Motherland
10. It weighs 9 tonsMother-Motherland Sword
11. We now turn to the views. Assumption Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - one of the first monasteries since the founding of Rus (founded in 1051 by Yaroslav the Wise).Kiev Pechersk Lavra from Mother Motherland
12. The highest building in Ukraine. When the building finishes, it will be 162.5m.The highest building in Ukraine
13. Housing Estate “Silver Breeze” and Paton Bridge. Kiev bird's-eye view.Housing Estate
14. Navodnitsky park, bridge of PatonNavodnitsky Park and Bridge of Paton
15. Fitters in the cage begin to worry, it's time to go down.View to the cage
16. This is not the end of the tour, I recommend you to go to the Great Patriotic War Museum, which is located at the base of the sculpture.Great Patriotic War Museum
17. Bonus photo: I saw it when came downTanks in front of the museum
18. What could it mean?Coloured Tanks

Great thx to the dedmaxorkadedmaxopka


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2010-11-09  Comments 
Tags:  Sightseeing 



I also tried to get there last weekend but didn't know it was working only till 4pm. So I was late.

2010-11-06 01:20:31

One more thing if you are a girl you should keep in mind that they will not sell you a ticket to the top of the shield if you are on a heels and/or in a short skirt

2010-11-06 01:21:31

Man, I've been to Kiev last week. darn, I only saw like 3-4 views that are in the pics...

2010-11-18 02:21:43

All the more reasons to go back.

2010-11-18 02:22:19

Interesting read, I'm going there myself in a few weeks
So for the price you pay, do you get to go to all of the places you did on the monument? Photo 7 looks a bit dangerous for tourists doesn't it?

Tom (England)

2011-06-12 17:21:53
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