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The Gun on Primorsky Boulevard

The Gun in OdessaMonument “The Gun on Primorsky Boulevard is dedicated to the successful repelling of an attack on Odessa during the Crimean War. The grand opening of the monument took place in 1904.

In 1854, during the Crimean War, Odessa had been bombarded by Anglo-French squadron for 30 hours. City buildings, including the Vorontsov Palace, were badly damaged. The attack was successfully repelled by warrant officer A. Shegolev, who had had the unequal battle against invaders for 6 hours. Twenty days later British steam frigate "Tiger" ran aground near Odessa, and in the same evening was set on fire and exploded. In May of that year from the seabed there have been raised nearly 2 dozen guns from The Gun on Primorsky Boulevard"Tiger", most of which were in good condition. Two guns were dragged to the battery on the Karantinnaya Street: one exploded during testing, the other one had remained at the same place for a long time.

In 1903, in preparation for the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the repelling the attack on Odessa, the gun from the British frigate was found and was supposed to be turned it into a historic military monument. It required the gun to be restored, and divers lifted from the seabed multiple cores, matching the diameter of the caliber of the The Gun on Primorsky Boulevard. Odessagun. In September 1904 it was put on a pedestal at the Nikolaev Boulevard.

100 years later, in August 2004, there was carried out another complete restoration of the gun: the surface was polished and coated with several layers of paint, and all the cracks and potholes on the metal has been preserved, that was the main task of the restorers. And on 19 August of the same year there was performed the gun shot.

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