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City Council in Odessa

City Council OdessaThe building of the Odessa City Council (City Duma), the previous place of Stock Exchange, is one of the most beautiful buildings in Odessa. City Council is situated on the Primorsky Boulevard. In front of it there is a small square with a monument to Pushkin and bronze cannon.
In 1828 there was approved the plan of construction of buildings for the stock assembly. The architect was Franz Boffo, who created the building design in the form of an elongated Russian letter "П". The end of construction was delayed until 1837 due to frequent change of contractors. In 1899, the Stock Exchange moved to another building, and this place was taken by City Council.

City Council in OdessaFrom the outside the building looks a bit like the Alexander Palace in Tsarskoe Selo (Royal Village) and was built in classical style. To the hall of assembly there were perpendicularly adjoined two buildings; their butts on the part of the boulevard were joined with a double colonnade of Corinthian order. Behind the colonnade there was a patio, which turned into the lobby, which is currently the place of awaiting a meeting with deputies. At the top of the building of city council there is clock, which strikes hour with a certain melody. On either side of it there are the statues of ancient mythology, which symbolize day and night. Odessa City Duma

Several years ago the building of city council was in disrepair. Its reconstruction and repair has lasted for more than 6 months, but now the building is in operation again and is one of the main attractions of Odessa.


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2011-01-16  Comments 
Tags:  Architecture 


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